Hi, I'm katie! 22 years old, a hairstylist who's hair color is ever changing.

Pro wrestling takes up the majority of my days. I live a CM Punk, Dean Ambrose, and Daniel Bryan appreciation life.

Supernatural,The Office, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story will also appear alot on my blog as well as My Chemical Romance, cute kittens and funky hair.

Thank You, CM Punk.

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Triple H and Seth Rollins don’t get to win. They don’t get to win. Until i’m not breathing anymore, until i’m not walking anymore, you know what i’m saying? And right now, i’m walking just fine. 

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Let’s begin feeding the sickness.


>money in the bank qualifying matches
>need to debut someone?
>how about the guy who keeps signalling money on the jbl and cole show


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"No time for questions."

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WWE  Oberhausen 23.05.2014

Sami Zayn throws/gives me his shirt. :) 

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Prince Devitt as Joker 

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Sami Zayn goes sightseeing in Rome

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