Hi, I'm katie! 22 years old, a hairstylist who's hair color is ever changing.

Pro wrestling takes up the majority of my days. I live a CM Punk, Dean Ambrose, and Daniel Bryan appreciation life.

Supernatural,The Office, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story will also appear alot on my blog as well as My Chemical Romance, cute kittens and funky hair.

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he’s wearing an ltj tee - he’s officially mine to cuddle with until the end of time


"honestly i’m just glad i got my hat back from batista"


"honestly i’m just glad i got my hat back from batista"

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Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bryan

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lmao you people make me laugh. 

Drugs? Really?

have you ever thought that he just might be TIRED? 

Are you not aware of the wellness policy?! Are you not aware of real life? Stop trying to make your stupid fantasy a reality.

I guess I have to make a post like this every week now. BUT YOU GIRLS NEED LIVES. STOP ANALYZING EVERY ASPECT OF A WRESTLER’S LIFE. It’s not like any of you will/have/had chances with them. It’s people like you guys who give female wrestling fans bad names. I’m sick of being associated with embarrassing fangirls.

This is EPIC!

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